Fabarm SAT-8


Type: pump-action
Gauge: 12, chamber 76 mm / 3″
Length:   mm
Barrel length: 610 mm
Weight 3.37 kg
Capacity: 7 rounds in underbarrel tube magazine

FABARMSAT-8 shotgun (S.A.T.-8 stands for Semi-Automatic Tactical, 8 shots)was specially designed for security / police / self-defense applications, as well as for practical sport shooting. These shotguns are manufactured in a wide spectrum of models, with different stocks and options, but all are based on same action with patented features such as Tri-bore barrel profile and Pulse Piston gas operated action.

FABARM SAT-8 shotguns are gas-operated, semi-automatic weapons. Gas piston isof  ring type, and is located around the front of the magazine tube, below the barrel. The patented Pulse Piston system consists of apolymer brake ring which is compressed between the gas piston and operating rod, which is connected to the bolt group. Upon discharge,this brake provides constant velocity of recoiling parts (regardless of the power of ammunition used) through the self-adjustable friction between the polymer ring and outer surface of the magazine tube – the heavier the load and the higher is pressure in the barrel, the stronger the ring will be compressed and the more friction will be added to the whole operating system. Barrel locking is achieved by single swinging locking piece, which is installed in the top of the bolt. The lockingpiece engages the notch in the barrel extension, and drops (rotates)down when bolt is unlocked. Return spring is located around themagazine tube. Feed is from underbarrel tubular magazine, which holds 7 rounds (total capacity is 8 rounds, assuming that one round ischambered). Receiver is made from aluminum alloy, and features integral Picatinny rail. Furniture (for end and buttstock) are made from polymer.Barrels are made using FABARM’s proprietary TriBore bore profile, and can be equipped with interchangeable chokes or muzzle brake /compensator.

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