Gamo REPLAY 10 MAGNUM Rifles


Next level power and performance

We often say that life is about choosing but… would you choose if you could have it all? 45 Joules of pure power, multi-pad SWA™ recoil absorption system, fastest reloading technology in market… Designed in a stylized matte black thumbhole stock, Gamo’s Replay 10 Magnum presents for the first time a 33mm cylinder full power air rifle which includes the brand’s exclusive 10x Multishot technology.  

Gamo’s Replay 10 Magnum is a 45 Joules solid-looking airgun which features Gamo’s 10x Quick shot® technology, becoming the most powerful multishot break barrel airgun ever created. This exclusive system relies on a rotary multi-shot magazine which allows the shooter to blast up to 10 shots without touching a single pellet, improving the user’s autonomy, reducing reload timings and providing a more dynamic, agile and satisfying hunt. This model is also including a two-stage CAT™ adjustable trigger which guarantees a smooth and custom shooting, a last generation recoil reduction system (RRR™), an outstanding multipad SWA™ recoil absorption system and a precise matte black 3-9×40 high mount scope.

*Power will vary depending on the legislation of each country.

*Contact Gamo’s distributor in your country to consult availability.


    Power 36J/45J
    Length 121 cm
    Weight 3 kg
    Velocity cal. 4,5 mm (.177) 470 m/s
    Velocity cal. 5,5 mm (.22) 380 m/s