Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 10×25 Optics


Every traveler, sports enthusiast, and active participant in anything needs a good pair of binoculars to see, understand and enjoy more. These are the ones you need: lightweight design, contemporary styling, comfort and simplicity, and a choice of power and capabilities let you pick the optics that fit you perfectly. Steiner’s world-renowned image clarity, accurate colour and field-proven toughness ensure maximum performance from your optics – and more pleasure from your pursuit of adventure.

The best optical performances in the most compact size.

Soldiers, officers, ship captains, sailors or various sports champions trust only Porro Prism binoculars because of their ruggedness, unmatched high quality and no need to focus.
The Safari UltraSharp 10×25 and 8×25 combine all this with low weight and extra compact size becoming the perfect all around binoculars.
Traveling, hiking or exploring? Become a professional and take Steiner´s Mini-Porros always with you.
Choose the 10x magnification to get closer to your dream view!

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